Fast and Furious 6: or The Neverending Runway

So this movie has been out a year, though this is my first viewing since its cinema release, so I shall keep this short and sweet.

I think the first thing to acknowledge about these movies is that they clearly take place in some alternative universe where the rules of physics packed up their bags and left long ago. Not that this is a complaint. It gives the filmmakers license to go crazy. And go crazy they do.

At no point is this movie going to stimulate you mentally, but it will certainly leave you grinning from ear to ear. Every crazy car chase you enacted when you were young with your Matchbox cars is gleefully played out on screen, culminating in what is certainly a ‘unique’ final sequence; probably only out done for action scenes in 2013 by the finale to Iron Man 3. And even then it is a close toss up.

The movies biggest strength, though, is the fact that it does not take itself too seriously. There is nothing worse than a po-faced action movie. A wry smile and a bit of heart (no matter how cheesy) go a long way; continuous action can become mind numbing to even the biggest children among us.

The only two complaints I can really think of are that it is a little too long at over two hours, and, that in order to top this they may have to go a little too far with the next one; because if there is a mantra that this franchise seems to live by it is that each sequel has to be bigger and more ludicrous than the last.

What say you? Does it go too far? Not far enough? And is The Rock the most charismatic star working in Hollywood right now?

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